Weekly Menus

If you have trouble thinking of new things to cook either for yourself or for your family why not follow our blog: TRUFFLEICIOUS RECIPES

We post recipes on a weekly basis, dealing with all dietary requirements, food waste & what to do with your leftovers and of course, very important a healthy diet.

Of course, a few naughty recipes also creep in, such a gluten free cakes & fruity puds, but hey ho, life’s to short not to dabbling in a little naughtiness, now & then.

puds, desserts, recipes, cookery, cooking, blog
Afternoon Tea anyone?

I also run a Recipe group on Facebook RECIPE GROUP which you can join. This is an interactive group, in which we share recipes, post offers from Supermarkets, Markets & local small food suppliers. We also share eateries & hostelries we have visited & recommend. On Monday evenings between 6-7 pm we have a question & answer hour. Members can post food related questions or requests for recipes, which will be answered by me or existing members. Groups discussions are positively encouraged.

You can also follow our twitter feeds Truffleicious on Twitter & Wiltshire Artisans on Twitter where we post regularly & support local small businesses.

So now you know, no excuses, follow the links to find out more. If you have any suggestions for recipes you would like or are a small local food/drink supplier who would like a mention, please contact us using the form below:

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