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During the Corona Virus Pandemic, please e-mail your details to us for inclusion on this site, if your are based in North Devon and are open for business or supplying help to vulnerable people during this difficult time.

TRUFFLEicious & Northdevondoes

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Pitt Court, Appledore, Nr Bideford, North Devon. EX39 1PU

Mission Statement

TRUFFLEicious was started by Jan Steele in 2014 at Stables Flat, Great Chalfield Manor, Nr Melksham, Wiltshire.  As an independent Sole Trader & Cook/ Artist of some 40 years I converted the Stable below my rented flat into a 5* hygiene rated kitchen, registered with Wiltshire Council,  &  set about supplying my own recipe, freshly homemade foods which contained no additives, preservatives or artificial colourings,  to the general public, within the environs of a seasonal  National Trust Property.

Having had a great interest in food, nutrition, healthy eating & food development for most of my life, I have always endeavoured to supply products for all dietary requirements, using fresh, natural ingredients & allergen aware.

During my time in Wiltshire, my homemade gluten free cakes & breads, fresh healthy salads, quiches, ice creams & chocolates which were all freshly made, using the best ingredients possible, were met with appreciation by many.  I was invited by Radio Wiltshire, on many occasions to take part in their programs & share my recipes.  Several articles were written & In Deepest Wiltshire books devoted a whole chapter on TRUFFLEicious.  In addition to food related efforts, I also blogged regularly, built & maintained three websites & ran twelve social media accounts. But it wasn’t enough.

Although the foodie community are crying out for “niche market foods” during their quest to be seen as healthy, green & trendy. They do not want to pay for it! It also appears they do not seem to grasp that small batch, freshly made foods carry far great costs in terms of production than mass produced, Supermarket counterparts. 

Various other, larger establishments, catering for the same market,  tend to mislead the public, by suggesting foods they serve are home made by themselves, when in fact they are bought in frozen & just  cooked through instore

Having relocated to Appledore, North Devon in February this year & being compelled by the state to cease my self -employment .  At the tender age of 64, I have decided to give something back to the various organisations, which have supported me over the years.   Both https://truffleicious.blog & my new web site https://northdevondoes.com  will operate as non-profit organisations.

The aim of these web sites is to promote small businesses, charities & community groups, of my choosing, which interest me & try to make an honest difference to their local environments.  I will visit, photograph & write about each one, publishing them  to the web sites &  posting on my social media platforms on a weekly basis. In return I ask that each business likes, shares and writes a review their blog. You are helping both your business and mine

To find out more about my back ground visit my LinkedIn profile:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/jan-steele-truffleicious/

Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact me.

Jan Steele

30th March 2020