Secret Garden

A hidden secret garden in Appledore. Find out more….

Market Street Kitchen, Appledore

Happy smiling faces

Ah, Appledore, stunning estuary village, nestling on a hillside, with quaint pastel coloured cottages lining narrow cobbled streets, sloping gently down to the Quay.

The historic port of Appledore, North Devon is well known for its boatyard. However. Appledore has many secrets, one of them being the delightful hidden garden which forms part of Market Street Kitchen Tea Room.

Josie Gosbee. Proprietor of the said establishment, is, in Appledore speak, like myself, a “blow in”. Whether it is complimentary or not, I will leave for you to decide. But it refers to us newcomers, who have chosen to live and work in this beautiful part of North Devon.

Market Street Kitchen is situated just behind the Quay, in a quirky street inhabited by other small locally owned businesses. Josie, originally from London, grew disenchanted with the fast pace of life in the capital…

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