The wake up call. Day One

My wake up call this morning, a cup of black tea. For today’s day one of twenty eight, in which I embark on my low Fodmap diet.

After suffering from severe bloating for more years than I care to remember I have decided to try, by a series of exclusions, to try & find out which particular food groups have the most effect on my condition.

low fodmap, diet, ibs, food groups
You can alter the set of the sails, but you can’t alter the direction of the wind!

Visiting my doctor, she decided to take a precautionary course of action, referring me to the hospital for an Ultrasound Scan, to rule out Ovarian Cancer [close family history], which can, in some cases, mimic IBS. Luckly, my results came back normal. It was time to talk about IBS. Having explained that I had identified various foods, which caused me a lot of discomfort, she asked me if I had heard of the Low Fodmap diet. I hadn’t. However, having studied Nutrition & Food Science at University some years ago, my curiosity was aroused & there dear reader, this blog was born. After some in-depth research & consulting my long redundant books on complex & alcohol sugars I have decided to share my findings with you.

I will be charting my progress, telling you what foods I have avoided & later, what I have reintroduced. As we go along I will be also giving you recipes to hopefully inspire you into trying The Low Fodmap diet for yourself.

Low fodmap, diet, protein, ibs, bloating
Tonight Dinner. Tuna Steak, Salad & white rice, Dressed with herbs & a little Olive oil.


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